Who is the Innovation Engine for?

  • Company teams faced with challenges, problems, failures, the need to reveal costly hidden problems, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs/Intrepreneurs and individuals / teams inside companies who have an idea or assigned a special project to develop like an entrepreneur would; the focus is to turn the effort into a profitable venture.
  • Pre-entrepreneurs interested in developing ideas prior to making a significant investment in creating a business infrastructure.

What support does the Innovation Engine provide?

  • Facilitation of structured approaches to large organisations to address challenges
  • Support with innovation and inventive problem solving.
  • Training and mentoring on structured innovation and inventive problem solving.
  • Capturing of the lessons learnt to add to your business knowledge
  • Support with business case development.

What are the benefits of using the Innovation Engine?

  • Access to key innovators and facilitators with the partnering large organisations.
  • Utilisation of a structured innovation problem solving methods, tools and techniques.
  • Accelerated innovation, concept strengthening and in-depth risk assessment and mitigation.

A simple view of the Innovation Engine project process.